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Identify - The Garage Sale Program

I used to believe that I was trapped inside of my own mind. I would spend my days and nights fighting my thoughts, crying, creating 'what if scenarios', and angry. This mental cycle happened for years until I gave in and became numb to my own thoughts. I believed that the way I thought and how I processed my thoughts was me. In order to become free from my inner beliefs, perceptions, and ideas about me, my worth, and my capabilities I had to go through a mental detox - The Garage Sale.

A garage sale happens in essentially 4 steps.

  1. Identify old and wasteful items that aren't useful or aren't being used.

  2. Assess the value of the item.

  3. Release the items through a garage sale.

  4. Renovate home by cleaning and/or buying new items.

Our minds are our homes. It is where spend most of our time. We think there, meditate there, feed there, we sleep there, and more. It is our home. According to the National Science Foundation, the average human has about 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts a day. Just like with our physical homes, it is important to clean our mental homes frequently.

  1. Identifying what is in our minds is a tedious self-evaluation. We must evaluate ourselves and our minds without being over critical. The simplest way to do this is through THE DUMP. Dumping is just writing out everything you think, feel, believe, and your experience without stopping.


You don't want to overthink this step in identifying- just write.

Identifying my beliefs and perceptions helped me to create a plan on how I want my mind to be.

I think one way currently but I want to think a different way. Believing that I could achieve a holistic mindset and attitude was the only push and energy I needed to obtain my goal. Believing is truly only half the battle.

Some people grew up on Saturday morning cleaning. Once a week (at least) we must sit with ourselves and have a Garage Sale.

Peace & Equanimity

Ms. Brionna Nijah

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